Fibroline SA aus Limonest auf der COMPAMED 2021 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Messe
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Fibroline SA

Swen Parc, Bat 4C 1 rue des Vergers, 69760 Limonest

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COMPAMED 2021 Hallenplan (Halle 13): Stand C80


COMPAMED 2021 Geländeplan: Halle 13

Unser Angebot


  • 04  Produktionsausrüstung
  • 04.03  Werkzeugmaschinen und Peripheriegeräte

Unsere Produkte

Produktkategorie: Werkzeugmaschinen und Peripheriegeräte

D-Preg technology principle:

Adapted to most of the materials and running industrially for a wide range of technical textile applications

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Produktkategorie: Werkzeugmaschinen und Peripheriegeräte

T-Preg technology principle

High-speed technological configuration, specifically designed for hygiene applications (baby, incontinence, femcare)

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Produktkategorie: Werkzeugmaschinen und Peripheriegeräte

S-Preg technology principle:

Specific deposition process, associated to extremely accurate impregnation control. Very convenient to depose very low content of active substance, and locate the additive in specific areas.

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Über uns


Fibroline is a technology and engineering company based in France, which developed and patented revolutionary dry impregnation technologies. Those cleantechs enable to impregnate powder form materials into porous structures (textiles, nonwovens, papers, foams…) thanks to high intensity alternating electric fields.

Technologies are running in continuous installations, from 10cm to 6m wide for roll to roll applications, as well as for yarns and rovings.

Speed varies from 10m/min to 500m/min, depending on products.

Fibroline technologies have a very wide range of applications: each time one needs to put a powder inside a porous or micro-porous support, the Fibroline solution may be of interest, because it is:

Innovative (possible creation of totally new products)
Economic (raw material savings, and energy savings)
Fast and easily controllable
Dry and non-polluting (no water, nor solvents to manage)