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Seiva s.r.o.

Schnirchova 8/1356, 170 00 Praha
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Produktkategorie: Herz-Kreislauf-Diagnostik, Geräte zur

SEIVA CardioWriter

SEIVA CardioWriter is twelve-lead electrocardiograph suitable for cardiological clinics and practice.
The device excells with its 15“, well-arranged, TFT display with high resolution. On such display all 12 leads can be easily monitored.
Modern laser printout ensures extraordinary longevity and quality of record.
Clear ECG record – CardioWriter works with resolution up to 46 points/mm. That is five times more than thermopaper ECGs. That is why the ECG trace is of such a high quality.

Operation of the device is simple and fast. For ECG record to be taken, all that is needed is pressing one button.
Identification patient data can be entered easily by keyboard.
Transfer of patient data to external electronic archive is automatically done.
SEIVA CardioWriter can be upgraded for ECG Stress test, spirometry and many other modules.

Large colour 15″ TFT display with high resolution shows all 12 ECG leads without compromise.
Display of ECG curves on monitor and on paper is identical – WYSIWYG.
During monitoring of ECG curve on display any number of ECG stripes can be entered.

Laser method, which CardioWriter uses, is one of the best quality and reliable methods of printouts ever known.
In comparison with printout on thermopaper this method provides:
  • upto six times more accurate record
  • many times lower operational expenses
  • there is no need for special storage conditions of records

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Produktkategorie: Herz-Kreislauf-Diagnostik, Geräte zur

SEIVA CardioTouch Ergolog

ECG SEIVA CardioTouch is state-of-the-art exercise stress testing system

  • 12-lead/12-channel exercise ECG
  • Automatic control of ergometers and treadmills
  • Manual modifications to the active protocol format
  • Intuitive control with direct function keys
  • 15″ color display
  • Touch control
  • Load in watt or in watt/kg
  • Full disclosure ECG record
  • Printout of ECG even during the test
  • Innovative ECG filters
  • Record of resting ECG is included
  • Ergospirometry module

Thanks to touch control and a large well-arranged 15″ display it meets the latest requirements for top-quality and modern exercise examination

Continuous development and improvement of SEIVA exercise systems ensures that you will always be one step ahead – the SEIVA Ergolog system will fully meet your requirements and make your work easier than any other system would

The latest requirements and knowledge of medical professionals from around the world are implemented into the SEIVA Ergolog system

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Produktkategorie: Herz-Kreislauf-Diagnostik, Geräte zur

SEIVA Praktik Portable

  • 12 leads / 12 channels
  • „one button“ simple operation
  • electronic archive
  • measurement and interpretation
  • long term ECG monitoring before printing
  • print out on standard office A4 paper

SEIVA ECG Praktik is modern and reliable twelve lead electrocardiograph. The device is an excellent choice for use in different types of medical practices.
Large well-arranged display, electronic archive of records and „one button“ operation is an excellent  basis for fast work with representative results.

ECG records of SEIVA ECG Praktik are archived in a database on PC. ECG and other examinations can be saved into common database, which is included in the standard package of ECG Praktik. Doctor is able to gain instant overview of examination results of a specific patient.
Through SEIVA database ECG Praktik can work in a computer network as well as communicate with ambulatory software.

SEIVA ECG Praktik uses standard A4 office paper. In comparison with thermopaper, the record is of better quality, easily readable and lastly. The screen is identical with  print out – WYSIWYG.

All 12 leads real-time ECG monitoring can be viewed for an arbitrary time length and diagnostically interesting events recorded for later analysis.

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Produktkategorie: Herz-Kreislauf-Diagnostik, Geräte zur

SEIVA Praktik Ergolog

  • comfortable and simple operation
  • large well-arranged display
  • stable baseline, sophisticated artefact filters
  • continuous recording, on-line analysis
  • print out on standard office A4 paper
  • archive of records
SEIVA Ergolog is a system designed for simple and precise recording of ECG Stress test examination. Design of the system comes from many years of in-depth experience of company SEIVA in this field.
Ergolog excels especially in quality ECG record, simple operation, exact ST analysis and other parameters of ECG trace.
Ergolog uses effective digital filters and evaluative algorithm SEIVA, which is original and represents top-end technology in this field.
Also the device can be used as Resting ECG.

Connection with Diagnostic system enables simple and safe manipulation with records and improves overview.
Simple intuitive operation
Elaborate, simple operation relieves and speeds up work. Quantity and lay out of data on the display can be changed individually.

Management of stress test
Together with the device, standard stress test protocols are supplied. These can be modified according to needed levels, or create own protocols.
Pre-set of load and measurement of blood pressure is automatic according to protocol. Manual entry into the running examination is also possible.

Exact analysis of ECG
Ergolog uses extensive know-how of company SEIVA in the field of digital filtering and digital processing of ECG. Thanks to this, the device gives exact and reliable results.
New digital filters SEIVA for reduction of  power-line disturbance and reduction of baseline drift, enables to receive highly exact record.
The device uses original algorithms SEIVA for processing of ST and HR trends.

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Produktkategorie: Herz-Kreislauf-Diagnostik, Geräte zur


State-of-the-art treadmill Trackmaster for exercise tests

  • Speed of 0.16 – 20 km/h
  • Continuous change of speed by 0.1 km/h
  • Elevation of 0 – 25%
  • Active area of the belt of 60 x 160 cm
  • Maximum weight of the patient is 226 kg
  • Low step-on height
  • Safety STOP-belt
  • Safety side handrail
  • Many optional accessories 

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Über uns


Seiva s.r.o. is a Prague-based limited liability company, which directly develops, manufactures and services complete line of PC-based cardiological devices (ECG, Holter, stress test etc.) including hardware and software with accessories.

Company was established in 1993 and since that time has become a domestic leader in the field of cardiology, with the biggest share of the Czech and Slovak market with its own distribution, as well as service network in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Over the years the company gained valuable experience, and come to understand what the customers desire.

Products fulfil requirements of a daily rutine of every cardiologist, as well as an internist, or general practitioner. Innovation process is in place, which ensures that favourite products like ECG, Holter, stress test etc. are comprehensive, yet simple to use.

Seiva s.r.o. aims to be a strong and reliable company, that customers in the medical community can trust and count on. Seiva s.r.o. will continue to strive for perfection through continous innovation process.

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