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ACCURA Medizintechnik GmbH

Max-Planck-Str. 33, 61184 Karben
Telefon +49 6039 9201-0
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MEDICA 2019 Hallenplan (Halle 6): Stand D57


MEDICA 2019 Geländeplan: Halle 6

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  • 01.04  Therapie und Physikalische Medizin
  • 01.04.03  Kardiotherapiegeräte
  • 01  Elektromedizin / Medizintechnik
  • 01.05  Implantate und Prothesen
  • 01.05.04  Sonstige Implantate und Prothesen

Unsere Produkte

Produktkategorie: Sonstige Implantate und Prothesen

Decent S Sirolimus Stent

Decent S Sirolimus-Eluting Coronary Stent System

Double-Protection Technology For Outstanding Results



This is how the Accura Decent S achieves outstanding results:

·         Carbon-Ion surface treatment technique results in extraordinary stent surface and avoids leakage of metal ions

·         Complete bioabsorbable polymer coating

·         Controlled and full degradation of the PLGA polymer during three months

·         Excellent safety and efficiency profile

·         The Double-Protection Technology achieves best results

·         0.0 % thrombosis rate after 24 months

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Produktkategorie: Sonstige Implantate und Prothesen

Finebent Self-Expanding Peripheral Stent System

Finebent Peripheral Vascular Self-Expanding Stent System
is a flexible Nitinol Stent of high durability and strength, introducing an intuitive delivery system.



The features:

·         Tantalum markers for excellent radiopacity

·         Single handed delivery catheter

·         Exceptional wave design for great flexibility and optimal clinical performance

·         Working lengths of 80 cm and 120 cm, guided over 0,035” wires

·         Outstanding resistance against bending, compression and torsion through flexible connectors

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Produktkategorie: Kardiotherapiegeräte

Accura Guidewires

The Accura Guidewire


We supply a large range of different wires for medical applications. Our wires show high grade flexibility while having high tension and best torque. All wires can be supplied sterile packed in a dispenser, OEM or bulk.


Please order according to following specifications:

·         Straight tip (S) or J-Tip (J) with diameter

·         Length (mm)

·         Fixed core (F) or movable core (M)

·         Coated (C) or uncoated (U

·         Length (cm)

·         Diameter (inch)

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Produktkategorie: Sonstige Implantate und Prothesen

PTCA Guidewire

Accura PTCA Guidewires


  •  PTFE coated, optional hydrophilic coated
  •  190cm standard length
  •  Diameter 0.014”
  •  Unitary core construction
  •  Straight tip
  •  Other lengths and diameters available on request

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Produktkategorie: Kardiotherapiegeräte

Accura Inflation Device

The Accura Inflation Device

with pressure-meter


Our Inflation Device suits perfectly to our PTCA and PTA Catheters but is compatible as well with most common catheters and stents from other manufacturers.


·         Handy mechanism enables easy inflation up to 30 bars and soft release of high pressure inflation

·         Accurate 30 bars gauge fits for all high pressure applications

·         Ergonomic design with angled scale allows easy holding, handling and reading

·         20 cc syringe lever provides maximum vacuum for rapid and easy deflation

·         The big handle ensures efficient air purge and easy evacuation of bubbles

·         O-ring piston design minimises pressure decay and drift

·         Package options with PTCA accessories available to reduce your cost

·         High pressure extension tube is clear and flexible for easy evacuation of bubbles and positioning

·         Includes connecting line and rotating Luer Lock

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Produktkategorie: Sonstige Implantate und Prothesen

Infusion Controller

The Accura Infusion Controller
Your little helper for infusion.

Safe and easy:

·         Adjustment is much easier and more precise than with conventional roller-clamps

·         No dangerous pressure can occure as no pump is engaged

·         Constant flow, no readjustment is necessary as no tube is squeezed

·         Easy reading of scale which is always in sight

·         A lid reduces the danger of unwanted manipulation

·         No air leakage


Quick and timesaving:

·         Immediately available without necessity of electric currency or pumps

·         Quick and easy adjustment

·         One-hand handling



Economic and practical:

·         No repair cost

·         No maintenance

·         Very flexible to use

·         Easy handling

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Produktkategorie: Kardiotherapiegeräte

Introducer Sets

The Accura Introducer Set



·         Dilator - 19 mm HDPE Dilator with special shaped and tapered tip

·         Sheath - 11 cm / 23 cm length, smoothly adapted to the Dilator and made of FEP

·         Haemostatic Valve - Haemostatic Valve with side-link, automatic sealing (no screwing needed to fix the catheter)

·         J-Tip Guidewire - adapted to the Dilator with straightener

·         Needle - Seldinger Needle 18G, 8 cm length

·         Scalpel


All sets are sterile packed in a transparent tray and are designed for single use.

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Produktkategorie: Kardiotherapiegeräte

Persoon PTA Balloon Catheter

Persoon Peripheral Balloon Dilation Catheter 

Your personal balloon for quick peripheral revascularisation


·         5-fold balloon provides a small profile

·         Minimal winging

·         Good radiopaque visibility

·         Platinum X-ray balloon marker

·         Semi compliant balloon characteristic

·         Low profile

·         Flexible catheter

·         Good pushability

·         Hydrophylic Coating

·         Broad range of models and sizes designed for specific applications

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Produktkategorie: Kardiotherapiegeräte, Sonstige Implantate und Prothesen

Positsoon PTCA Balloon Catheter

Positsoon PTCA Balloon Catheter

The PTCA Balloon that makes a nice im-pression


The Positsoon is a rapid exchange PTCA-Catheter with a low profile for easy access in all kinds of environments.

Positioning is supported by excellent radiopacity. The ease of application is supported by an Unibody Hypotube Shaft,which improves pushabilty and torque-control. The flexible distal part promotes navigation. The soft tapered tip and laser-welded balloon give atraumatic smooth guidance.

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Produktkategorie: Sonstige Implantate und Prothesen

Vein Strippers

The Accura Vein Stripper


The Accura Vein Stripper uses an up-to-date technology for easy and effective handling.

The product offers high reliability based on the components:

Each packing of vein strippers includes four various olives in the sizes of 6, 9, 12 and 15 mm diameter to comply with all common cases. This makes the set suitable for all patients independent of their size. It reduces cost of storage as only one set fits all applications. The new plastic material gives the olives a strength which is in compliance with the strength of the wire. So a rated tensile power of 450 kN is assured for the whole system. 

Comfortable Handle
The set is equipped with a broad handle to allow the physician a comfortable usage and transfer of the tensile pull.

Smoothly coated wire with high strength and good flexibility.
The coated wire glides smoothly through vessels as its outside is covered by Polyethylene.The inside of the wire contains a strong rope of drilled stainless steel wire. Drilling gives thewire both, more strength and at the same time higher flexibility. Handling and reliability of steel wires is regarded superior in relation to plastic wires by most users.

Easy handling
The olives as well as the handle can be used at both ends of the wire. It allows retrograde usage of the wire by only exchanging the handle and the olive while the rope can stay in place.

Product Information:

Vein Stripper Set 3200

·         4 pcs of olives with diameters of 6, 9, 12 and 15 mm

·         1 Stainless steel wire, length 100 cm

·         1 Handle, size 80 mm

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Produktkategorie: Sonstige Implantate und Prothesen

Sterile Covers

The Accura Sterile Covers
For use in Radiology, Cardiology, Surgery etc.

We offer a wide range of covers for X-ray-heads, X-ray-shields,

control-boards, remote-controls, foot paddles and more.

The covers have an elastic band, which makes application very easy and quick.

All covers are made of transparent and resistant PE-foil.

Our standard size is 120 x 60 cm and suitable for most applications. 

Additionally we can supply in various sizes:

·         Covers round with elastic band

·         Covers square with elastic band

·         Cover shoeshape with elastic band

·         Covers for remote control or foot paddles with two strings


Beside sterile covers we provide nonsterile covers for set-packers.

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