EUROIMMUN Medizinische Labordiagnostika AG aus Lübeck auf der MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Messe
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EUROIMMUN Medizinische Labordiagnostika AG

Seekamp 31, 23560 Lübeck
Telefon +49 451 5855-0
Fax +49 451 5855-591


MEDICA 2019 Hallenplan (Halle 1): Stand D06


MEDICA 2019 Geländeplan: Halle 1

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  • 02  Labortechnik
  • 02.14  Mikroskope für das Labor

Mikroskope für das Labor

  • 03  Diagnostika
  • 03.02  Immunochemie / Immunologie
  • 03.02.01  Immun-Assay-Systeme


  • 03  Diagnostika
  • 03.02  Immunochemie / Immunologie
  • 03.02.04  Sonstige Geräte zur Immunochemie / Immunologie

Sonstige Geräte zur Immunochemie / Immunologie

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Produktkategorie: Mikroskope für das Labor

EUROPattern Microscope

Computer-aided immunofluorescence microscopy (CAIFM)
-Fully automated microscopy and modern diagnostics at the computer screen (cell substrates, tissues and EUROPLUS antigen  dots, also in mosaics)
-Pattern recognition for ANA and ANCA, including mixed patterns and titers
-Classification of results as positive or negative for Crithidia luciliae, antigen- expressing cells and EUROPLUS antigen dots
-Fast processing (13 seconds / image) and consolidation of results per patient for paperless diagnostics
-Digital archiving of fluorescence images and reports
-Bidirectional data exchange with the laboratory information system (LIS)

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Produktkategorie: Analysegeräte

EUROLabWorkstations for ELISA and IFA

EUROLabWorkstation ELISA:
-Fully automated processing of EUROIMMUN ELISA tests: up to 15 ELISA plates per run
-The highest throughput system on the market: > 200 tests per hour
-Flexible loading of samples and reagents
-Automatic identifi cation: patient samples, reagents, dilution and ELISA plates – 100 % traceability
-Economical and precise pipetting with 10 washable needles
-Convenient and intuitive operation
-Excellent service – reagents, instruments and software from one manufacturer
EUROLabWorkstation IFA:
-Fully automated processing of indirect immunofl uorescence assays: up to 750 reaction fi elds per run
-The highest throughput system on the market
-Automatic mounting of slides
-Flexible loading of samples and reagents
-Economical and precise pipetting with 10 washable needles
-Automatic identifi cation of patient samples, reagents, slides and dilution plates – 100 % traceability
-Convenient and intuitive operation using the touch-screen user interface
-Excellent service – reagents, instruments and software from one manufacturer

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Produktkategorie: Analysegeräte

EUROBlotOne - Fully automated processing of immunoblots

-Fully automated processing of all EUROIMMUN immunoblots for autoimmune, infection and allergy diagnostics with minimal manual effort
-Precision and reproducibility from the fi rst incubation step to the recording of images of the incubated immunoblot strips
-Flexible system allowing the combination of different tests in one run
-Security and traceability through the automated identifi cation of sample barcodes
-Convenient and safe operation via the user-friendly graphical interface and lowmaintenance hardware
-Reliable evaluation of all EUROIMMUN immunoblots with the worldwide established EUROLineScan software
- Excellent service from EUROIMMUN – your contact for everything from test systems to instruments and software

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Produktkategorie: Analysegeräte

RA Analyzer 10 - Random access system for chemiluminescence immunoassays (ChLIA)

RA Analzyer 10:
-Fully automated ChLIA processing for autoimmune and infection diagnostics as well as antigen detection
-Continuous and fl exible loading, preferential processing of emergency samples
-Optional connection to a laboratory track system
-Automated identifi cation of samples, reagents, and consumables for complete traceability
-Onboard cooling of the ready-for-use reagent cassettes
-Stored standard curves for effortless calibration
-Excellent service – reagents, instruments, software and LIS connection available from one manufacturer

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Produktkategorie: Analysegeräte, Sonstige Geräte zur Immunochemie / Immunologie

MERGITE! Automated washing of IFA slides

-Fast, parallel washing of 50 substrate fi elds
-Washing each fi eld separately
-Standardisation ensures high reproducibility of results
-No beakers, cuvettes, and paper tissue
-Intuitive user interface on the integrated touch screen
-Excellent service from EUROIMMUN

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Über uns


EUROIMMUN is an international provider of medical laboratory products for autoimmune, infection, allergy and molecular genetic diagnostics. The company’s portfolio encompasses indirect immunofluorescence, ELISA, immunoblot, radioimmunoassay, ChLIA and molecular genetic test systems and spans over a thousand diagnostic parameters. State-of-the-art instruments and software provide efficient automation of analyses, increasing productivity and reliability in routine diagnostics. EUROIMMUN scientists participate in many international research projects, contributing to cutting-edge advances in laboratory diagnostics. Pioneering developments include BIOCHIP technology, designer antigens, recombinant-cell IFT and computer-aided immunofluorescence microscopy. A renowned reference laboratory and a quality assurance programme are part of EUROIMMUN’s expert technical service.

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