Spacelabs Healthcare GmbH aus Nürnberg auf der MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Messe
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Spacelabs Healthcare GmbH

Südwestpark 40, 90449 Nürnberg
Telefon +49 911 23421-0
Fax +49 911 23421-127


MEDICA 2019 Hallenplan (Halle 9): Stand B70


MEDICA 2019 Geländeplan: Halle 9

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  • 01  Elektromedizin / Medizintechnik
  • 01.01  Diagnostik
  • 01.01.11  Blutdruckmessgeräte


  • 01  Elektromedizin / Medizintechnik
  • 01.01  Diagnostik
  • 01.01.14  Herz-Kreislauf-Diagnostik, Geräte zur
  • 01  Elektromedizin / Medizintechnik
  • 01.06  Intensivmedizin / Anästhesie / Beatmung
  • 01.06.03  Patientenüberwachung / Messplätze

Unsere Produkte

Produktkategorie: Patientenüberwachung / Messplätze

Xprezzon bedside monitor

A powerful expression of performance and design
Spacelabs 91393 Xprezzon® is a high acuity modular monitor suited for adult, pediatric, and neonatal. care, and as well as the perioperative environment. Xprezzon features a variety of configurations to fit the unique space and needs of your clinical environment.

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Produktkategorie: Patientenüberwachung / Messplätze

Qube Mini transport monitor

Continuity of care
With the 91389 Qube® Mini transport patient monitor, there’s no compromising your access to high acuity patient data at the bedside and on the go. Optimized for transport, the Qube Mini ensures an uninterrupted level of vigilance when the patient is most vulnerable. Qube Mini’s large screen size makes patient data readable from the bedside or across the room.

When deployed with the Spacelabs Xhibit Central Station and Intesys Clinical Suite, Qube Mini offers enterprise connectivity to your hospital EMR, ECG management systems, paging systems, and remote access solutions.

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Produktkategorie: Patientenüberwachung / Messplätze

C50 bedside monitor

Accuracy and reliability at your fingertips
The Spacelabs C50 patient monitor is the ideal solution for quality clinical care while supporting your budget. Measurements include ECG, SpO2, impedance respiration, non-invasive blood pressure, and temperature, with options for invasive pressure and ETCO2. The C50 provides flexibility for a variety of neonatal, pediatric, and adult environments.

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Produktkategorie: Herz-Kreislauf-Diagnostik, Geräte zur

PC-ECG based stress test system with integration to ECG data management

The cubestress Stress ECG utilizes Bluetooth connectivity for the patient module, removing lead artifact and improving patient comfort. Integration with Spacelabs’ Sentinel data management system is seamless.

The system supports optimum workflow with preparation of the patient, display of ECG, control of the ergometer or treadmill, real-time printout on thermal or laser printer, and automatic archiving and printing of the report. It is compatible with ergometers and treadmills from leading suppliers.

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Produktkategorie: Herz-Kreislauf-Diagnostik, Geräte zur

Mobile Workstation

Cardiology tests you need, where you need them
Spacelabs Sentinel Mobile Workstation takes the test to the place where it is needed—in departments, clinics, rooms, and wards. It helps to reduce the need for movement of caregivers and patients, saving time and improving workflow. Its Bluetooth and wireless connectivity help to improve patient comfort and reduce risk of infection.

Spacelabs Sentinel Workstation can provide Holter, stress, resting ECG, and ABP functions as a combination of Spacelabs devices and partner products. The workstation can be configured as a standalone or multi-function system, for hookup, test, review, and report.

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Produktkategorie: Herz-Kreislauf-Diagnostik, Geräte zur

CardioExpress SL18A

True 18-lead ECG coupled with advanced features, waterproof sealed keyboard and a 15” intuitive color touch screen interface make the CardioExpress SL18A capable of meeting advanced diagnostic needs in tough and sterile environments. The product supports 18, 15 and 12 lead Resting ECG with battery operation.

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Über uns


Dedicated to innovation and excellence

Spacelabs Healthcare designs and manufactures acute care patient monitoring, diagnostic cardiology, and clinical networking solutions for use in hospitals, medical clinics, and physician offices. We provide patient monitoring solutions for critical, sub‑acute, and perioperative care areas of the hospital, providing caregivers with timely patient information. Our diagnostic cardiology systems include Holter recorders and analyzers, ambulatory blood pressure monitors, electrocardiography (ECG) devices, stress event data management systems and related software and services.  Spacelabs Healthcare is a subsidiary of OSI Systems, Inc.

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