Cliniserve GmbH aus Pöcking auf der MEDICA 2018 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Messe

Cliniserve GmbH

Alte Bahnhofstr. 13, 82343 Pöcking

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Bayern Innovativ GmbH


MEDICA 2018 Hallenplan (Halle 3): Stand E83


MEDICA 2018 Geländeplan: Halle 3


Julian Nast-Kolb




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  • 06  Informationstechnik und Kommunikationstechnik
  • 06.04  eHealth, Telemedizin / Telematik / Telemetrie

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Produktkategorie: eHealth, Telemedizin / Telematik / Telemetrie

Cliniserve Communication

Cliniserve Communication allows patients to send requests to nurses from their own devices. This saves nurses double walking and allows prioritization of requests. Automatic delegation to other staff such as service personnel provide further relief to care teams. Translation options, entertainment packages and additional information allow flexible premium services for patients.
Hospitals benefit from:
  • More efficient staffing
  • Increased employee satisfaction and reduced workload
  • Higher patient satisfaction

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Produktkategorie: eHealth, Telemedizin / Telematik / Telemetrie

Cliniserve Process Management

Cliniserve Process Management offers a flexibel mobile interface for nurses. This allows task creation and delegation and the fast and intuitive execution of internal processes, such as steering logistics, expert staff or cleaning duties.
State-of-the art analytics yield insights on patient behavior and processes and help with staff planning.

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Produktkategorie: eHealth, Telemedizin / Telematik / Telemetrie

Cliniserve Patient Engagement

Cliniserve Patient Engagement offers a range of services that increase the interaction with patients. Ranging from the steering of patients in ambulances through the provision of information and live-waiting times to treatment information and tracking after discharge, we cover the whole patient hospitalisation process.
  • Increases patient satisfaction and retention
  • Decreases the chance of treatment failures
  • Offers new channels to offer additional services

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Über uns


Cliniserve was founded in Munich in 2017 with the goal of offering relief to nursing staff by digitizing administrative processes. At the same time, we belief patients want to participate in their own treatment process and offer solution that engage them and help them help their care team. As of now, 7 hospitals in the DACH region already took the step to offer relief to their care team with Cliniserve.

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