MLS TEXTILES 1992, S.L. aus Ontinyent auf der MEDICA 2018 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Messe


P.I. El Pla, C/ Diables 34, 46870 Ontinyent
Telefon +34 96 127327
Fax +34 96 2912712

Dieser Aussteller ist Mitaussteller von
Fomentex- Fundación para el Fomento del Sector Textil


MEDICA 2018 Hallenplan (Halle 6): Stand K15


MEDICA 2018 Geländeplan: Halle 6

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Über uns


MLS Textiles 1992 S.L. is a family business located in Ontinyent (Valencia) which, since its foundation in 1992, is characterized by the production of high-quality garments.

At the beginnings, this company was dedicated exclusively to hosiery, both in the functional version and the most sportive aspect. From 2005/2006 the company starts to diversify through the manufacture of other sportswear, such as second skin garments, compression garments and underwear, in order to apply the same excellent technology of socks to the rest of the body. However, its main market is still the hosiery business.

The constant bet of the firm for investigation and innovation has translated in a progressive improvement of the qualities and performance of the garments up to obtain technical quality  with an optimum performance. Its own requirements have resultes in an offer of technical products, more and more specializing, and adapted to the demands of each market. The  implementation of the best machinery, as well as a detailed monitoring of the entire production process, 100% own manufacture, guarantees the best finish and outcome of the garments.

The company uses a wide range of standardized materials which are well-known on an international basis. The aim is to offer an ideal performance of each garment and transmitting confidence and quality, in different weather conditions. Some types of technical textiles that the company uses to meet different needs are elastic, anti-bacterium, anti-microbial, with hollow fibre, multichannel fibre, reflective, natural (cotton, wool, viscose, etc.), of reinforcement and ecological with thermoregulator properties.

Since 2007, MLS Textiles 1992 S.L. offers to the market the technology Regenactiv®, with regeneration and healing properies.

In the search for off ering garments with more and better benefi ts to the market, MLS Textiles 1992 S.L. is committed to investigation and development for years. This commitment is refl ected in the obtaining of various guarantee hallmarks and quality standards, such as the certifi cate ISO 9001, received in 2009, and the hallmark OEKO-TEX. This hallmark, obtained in 2011, guarantees the absence of harmful substances in the fibres that compose its garments, most of them in direct contact with the skin.


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