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The Luxe dissecting table has a strengthened design, and an increased area of working surface. The table is equipped with a ventilation system with a capacity of 1000 m3. The table working surface consists of perforated surface including 4 perforated panels. To make the panels more rigid, no perforation is provided at the corpse placement area. The table is equipped with a hot cold water mixer valve and a flexible hose with a shower head, as well as a working surface rinsing system, and an organic waste grinding system. The table can be fitted with a running and collecting system for waste water disinfection which will be installed inside the table support.

The table is made of ANSI 304 stainless steel.

Table dimensions: 260x85 cm
Height: 85 cm
Maximum load: 250 kg

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 BioVitrum is a developer and manufacturer of ready-made solutions for Pathology. The company was found in 2001 and has been successfully growing as a leading supplier of products for Histology. BioVitrum has its own manufacture with full-cycle high-tech facilities and in-house R&D center. Each batch of products undergoes multi-level quality control. The company has CE IVD. 

BioVitrum presents:
1) Histological reagents and consumables: 
    - Innovative high-class paraffin media for histology - HISTOMIX®, produced by the patented BioVitrum's technology with a huge variety of its melting points
    - Kits for histology routine and special staining are available in different packaging options;
    - Tissue marking dyes

2) IT solutions for grossing and Telepathology: 
    - ePath - macro imaging and grossing solution, with audio, video recording, photo documentation, an automatic laser calibration, which has no analogues in the world.  Doctors are able to perform marking and measuring during grossing, which is possible using the built-in intuitive morphometry of the system. Compatibility of ePath with DICOM, HL7 standards is one more advantage.
    - - telepathology cloud solution. It is a fast and comfortable way to receive and make second opinion for scanned digital slides with easy access from any place 24/7. Now more than 1500 pathologists have already registered on the portal.

3) Mortuary equipment:
    - Cold chambers and body trays. Cold chambers have easy mountable frameless construction, produced of sandwich panels with polyurethane foam filling. The clamp fastening joking types allows installing the chamber in a short time, without additional maintenance services. The insulation layer of the Tanartis cold chamber is 80 mm, instead of 50 mm of counterparts
    - Grossing stations - the ergonomic design, the height adjustment system of the working surface and a fundamentally new illumination system provide comfortable conditions for doctor and meet all the requirements. The downdraft ventilation system for removing toxic air and air flap system prevent reagent vapors.
    - Autopsy tables - all  tables are made of stainless steel. Each table can be equipped with wide rage of devices;
    - Instruments and consumables - can be supplied both as complete sets and on a stand-alone basis. The whole range of appliances consists of high quality surgical steel items

We are open for cooperation and pleased to invite you to our booth #3C83.

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