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MEDICA 2017 Hallenplan (Halle 15): Stand A23


MEDICA 2017 Geländeplan: Halle 15


Douglas McCollum

Marketing and Communications Manager
Sales and Marketing

1115 Windfield Way
95762 El Dorado Hills, USA




Michael Droege

Vice President, Global Business Development



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Halle 15 / A23




15:20 - 15:30

MEDICA CONNTECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM - Wearables for Chronic Diseases and Mobility Challenges Session

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TracPatch™ is revolutionizing evidence-based surgical care management in orthopedics. The changing dynamics of healthcare has called for transforming patient care through connected health solutions. TracPatch is a cutting-edge remote monitoring device designed to make recovering at home easily accessible, connected, and more predictable. Focused on reducing Episode of Care spending, TracPatch can save a healthcare system by reducing readmissions, at home physical therapy, manipulations under anesthesia, and unnecessary office visits. TracPatch provides the healthcare provider anytime, anywhere insight into a patient’s recovery, allowing for immediate care adjustments and the ability to get ahead of recovery issues, empowering patients and healthcare providers with real time recovery efficiency.

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Wearable technologies, smart textiles

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TracPatch Wearable Device

TracPatch is a game changing product for orthopedic industry. The TracPatch wearable device is a remote monitoring system which passively and continuously tracks a user’s daily activities, including patient reported outcomes (PRO) and KOOS scores. The device has been designed with advanced learning algorithms and haptic feedback technology. TracPatch is a cross industry device designed for multiple applications. For the first-time, healthcare providers can maintain the critical connection needed for an efficient recovery process, improved outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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With a deep understanding of the orthopedic industry, Consensus launched its innovative TracPatch Technology division focusing on orthopedic wearable technology, which combines Consensus Orthopedics 25 years of orthopedic experience with innovative Big Data capabilities. TracPatch is a revolutionary new device empowering at-home patient recovery and remote monitoring for effective managed care. Consensus Orthopedics was founded in 1992 as a medical device consulting company located in California. In 1996, Consensus Orthopedics acquired US Medical Products becoming a global manufacturer of reliable large joint orthopedic devices. Since 1996, Consensus Orthopedics has been providing the orthopedic industry with exceptional hip and knee joint replacement devices. Its signature knee system, the Consensus Knee System, has over 20 years of reliable and reproducible results. With a focus on evidence based medicine, Consensus Orthopedics is changing patient care and the future of orthopedics.

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