Covestro Deutschland AG aus Leverkusen auf der COMPAMED 2017 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Messe

Covestro Deutschland AG

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Allee 60, 51373 Leverkusen


COMPAMED 2017 Hallenplan (Halle 8b): Stand H30


COMPAMED 2017 Geländeplan: Halle 8b


Martin Hüttner

Marketing Manager Medical

+49 21460098170


Unser Angebot


  • 09  Rohmaterialien, Werkstoffe und Klebstoffe
  • 09.15  Folien


  • 09  Rohmaterialien, Werkstoffe und Klebstoffe
  • 09.22  Klebstoffe, Klebbänder

Klebstoffe, Klebbänder

  • 09  Rohmaterialien, Werkstoffe und Klebstoffe
  • 09.33  Polycarbonate


  • 09  Rohmaterialien, Werkstoffe und Klebstoffe
  • 09.37  Polyurethane PU

Polyurethane PU

  • 09  Rohmaterialien, Werkstoffe und Klebstoffe
  • 09.38  Schäume


  • 09  Rohmaterialien, Werkstoffe und Klebstoffe
  • 09.48  Vliese


  • 12  Verpackung und Druck
  • 12.02  Verpackungsmittel
  • 12.02.07  Blister-Verpackungen, Blister-Tabletts

Blister-Verpackungen, Blister-Tabletts

Über uns


Covestro is one of the world´s largest polymer companies. Business activities are focused on the manufacture of high-tech polymer materials and the development of innovative solutions for products used in many areas of daily life. Covestro is a major raw material supplier to the medical device industry.    

Covestro has been establishing new polyurethane raw materials under the brand of Baymedix® in advanced wound care application over the last years. The Baymedix® product line includes a series of raw materials for wound dressings that support the healing process and offer numerous design possibilities. These are used to manufacture such products as absorbent white foams with Baymedix® FP, breathable skin contact adhesives with Baymedix® A and the waterborne polyurethane backing films based on Baymedix® FD and CD.

Covestro offers Dureflex® and Platilon® thermoplastic polyurethane films (TPU) for breathable wound care and other healthcare applications, and Bayfol® multilayer films for medical packaging. The company`s engineering thermoplastic portfolio also includes medical-grade Makrolon® polycarbonate (PC), Makroblend® PC/polyester blend, Apec® high-heat PC, Bayblend® PC/ABS blend, and Texin® thermoplastic polyurethanes, many of which meet the requirements of FDA-modified ISO 10993-1.

Covestro is positioned at the forefront of the development in materials for wearables for medical applications. Leveraging its long experience in the medical industry with regard to patient’s comfort and converter processing efficiency (speed, flexibility and cost), Covestro enables wearable patch development with its know-how and roll-stock thermoplastic materials. Covestro is a full solution provider of customized polyurethane films and raw materials for adhesives and foams to address both the patch fixation and embedding of electronics functions.

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