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Miniature Stepper Motor Linear Actuator

WATERBURY, CT - Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions has expanded its 15000 Series linear actuators with the addition of the smallest linear actuator in Haydon Kerk’s extensive stepper motor line. The new linear actuators occupy a minimal 0.6" (15mm) diameter space and incorporate some of the most-advanced motion control technology available today. Included in that very small package are numerous patented innovations that provide customers high performance and durability.

15000 Series linear actuators are available in two designs - captive and external linear versions –and in a wide variety of resolutions, ranging from 0.02mm to 0.10mm per step. The actuators deliver thrust of up to 60 oz (1.7 kg) without compromising long life or cost. Models also can be micro stepped for even finer resolution. A proprietary manufacturing process that incorporates engineering thermoplastics in the drive nut and a rolled stainless steel lead screw allows the motor to be highly efficient and durable.

Typical applications include medical equipment, semiconductor handling, valve control, X-Y tables, handheld instruments, and many more. In addition to standard configurations, Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions can custom design the actuators to meet specific application requirements.

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Haydon Kerk® Motion Solutions Releases New WGS Motorized Linear Stages

WATERBURY, CT - Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, a recognized leader in linear and rotary motion solutions, has announced the release of its new line of WGS motorized linear stages. The WGS line is now directly integrated into Haydon Kerk’s step motor family using its patented design. The motorized WGS can be ordered and shipped within 24 hours from the Haydon Kerk e-commerce website at www.haydonkerkexpress.com

The WGS family of linear slides utilizes technology that greatly improves moment load stability over previously released technologies. The WGS can now be directly coupled to size 17 and size 23 step motors to provide a compact, powerful design. Utilizing the patented bolt-on design, the integrated motorized WGS solution helps simplify design by eliminating assembly time and previously required couplings.

With over 20 lead screw configurations and multiple motor size and stack options, the number of possible custom solutions is virtually endless. With all these possibilities, Haydon Kerk expert applications and sales engineers are available to help select the best combination for a particular application.

The WGS motorized linear stage is ideal for a variety of applications, including blood analyzers, microscopy stages, auto-samplers, industrial x-y stages, semiconductor inspection equipment and other custom x, y or z stages that require a self-contained guide rail and drive mechanism.

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Über uns


Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions ist führender Hersteller von Linearaktuatoren auf Schrittmotorenbasis, präzisen Gewindespindeln und kompakten Linearschlittensystemen. Alle unsere Produkte können so angepasst werden, dass Sie den speziellen Anforderungen Ihrer Anwendung entsprechen. Haydon Kerk ist ein Geschäftszweig der Ametek Precision Motion Control Division.

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions is a leading manufacturer of stepper linear actuators, leadscrew assemblies and linear slides. All our products can be customized to suit your particular application requirements. Haydon Kerk is a Unit of AMETEK Precision Motion Control.

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