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Medizinische Informationssysteme / Software

  • 06  Informationstechnik und Kommunikationstechnik
  • 06.05  Medizinische Informationssysteme / Software
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Medizinische Apps und App Stores

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Patchie- Therapy can be fun

The Patchie smartphone application is a therapeutic game, which is created to help children understand the events and processes they experience in their therapy from day to day using a child-orientated approach.
Patchie has the same disease as the child and therefore also the same needs. That’s why Patchies well-being and its relationship to the therapy will be reflected by the child to his/her own therapy and well-being. By using an age appropriate Tamagotchi like creature, the game leads the children to an independent and responsible way to accomplish their therapy including all necessary elements.The game is a new alternative to the traditional therapy methods and accompanies the child through the whole day.
The fundamental part of the game is the therapy schedule, which can be individually set up by their parents or caregivers and the help of the treating doctor. It contains an overview and management section for the parents and includes all indispensable functionalities.

 Please visit the website of Patchie for further information.

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Birds and trees was established in 2014 with the aim to support young people and their relatives who are suffering from chronic diseases. Marc Kamps who is the founder of the company has a child that is infected by the chronic orphan disease cystic fibrosis. Due to that reason Marc Kamps and his team show high engagement on making life easier for patients.

Birds and Trees offer digital solution strategies for the transitional medicine. From experience in taking care of young patients with cystic fibrosis it became apparent that the transfer from the pediatrician to a specialist is not enough. The right point of time for preparing the children for life as an adult and for teaching medical knowledge is defining and has to be explicitly. To identify the demands the team organizes discussions with both parents and children so they can decide on what is necessary and needed for the solution. The company then conducts interdisciplinary workshops to create the concept. A combination of several factors are taken in for example the indication, the socioeconomics and the healthcare system. With the help of future-proof technologies the finished product will be make approachable for all common platforms in consideration of the privacy of the users.

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