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Produktkategorie: Inkubatoren

The Baby Pod range

Transporting newborn infants requires an environment that will keep them warm, safe and secure, and until now the only way to guarantee a warm environment for the baby has been to use a heavy, cumbersome and physically large transport incubator.

These expensive devices require an electricity supply to function, are not always readily available, and most require dedicated vehicles.

Using the same technology, materials and design features that protect Formula 1 racing car drivers from injury during a crash, the revolutionary Baby Pod range provides the security and warmth that a newborn needs, at a fraction of the cost of a standard transport incubator, in a package that is light, easy to handle, and can attach to any transport stretcher currently available.

Our flagship product, the Baby Pod II infant transport device, was developed to fill a requirement for a safety-focused, easily manageable solution for inter/intra-hospital transport of neonates, and we've since applied this same ethos of patient safety, warmth and comfort to provide much needed solutions in other areas of in-hospital neonatal care.

The Scan Pod is an environment for the imaging of neonates with MR/CT and X-Ray, and coming soon the Evac Pod, a solution for emergency evacuation of infants from the PICU.

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Produktkategorie: Inkubatoren

AHT Baby Pod II

Transporting newborn infants requires an environment that will keep them safe and warm. Until now, the only way to guarantee this has been to use a heavy, cumbersome, and physically large transport incubator. These expensive devices require an electrical supply to function and are not readily available as they require additional equipment and dedicated vehicles.

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Über uns


Originally conceived in the 1990’s, Advanced Healthcare Technology Ltd. (‘AHT’) was formed around the concept of a new lightweight solution to the problem of transporting neonatal infants safely in vehicles. As the norm, heavy full-featured ‘transport incubators’ were used, which due to their weight posed a significant threat to the safety of the infant patient, and that of the ambulance crew, in the event of an accident. Using cutting edge technology in crash-survivable design, and incorporating new lightweight materials, AHT launched the ‘Baby Pod’ Infant Transport Device in the early 2000’s.

The ‘Baby Pod’ became AHT’s flagship product, and over the past 12 years since its introduction the Baby Pod has revolutionised infant patient transport, both by road and air, and is used daily in countries across the planet from the USA to Indonesia.

Subsequent years have seen AHT expand on the original design of the Baby Pod, and apply the same principles of using the latest technology and materials with a focus on patient comfort and safety, to create a range of Pods to suit different safety requirements in the movement of infants.

Introduced in 2012, the Scan Pod is an ‘imaging environment’, designed to incorporate MR/CT focusing coils within it’s housing to achieve the clearest possible imaging of neonates, while retaining control of patient ventilation and visibility. The composite construction of the outer shell allows for the Scan Pod to be used to house infants during MR/CT and X-Ray, and contribute no interference or artefacts to imaging output.

The Evac Pod (due Q4 2013) is designed for patient evacuation from the ICU in the event of a fire or natural disaster. With its positive-pressure oxygenated environment, the patient receives constant flow of breathable oxygen during evacuation, while keeping out harmful smoke and fumes.

The Neo Pod (due Q2 2014) is a sister-model of the Baby Pod, providing all of the same benefits, but with further weight reduction and reduced internal volume due to its shorter size, is designed specifically for the transport of smaller neonates.

Our focus is, and always will be, to design and manufacture the safest and most patient-comfortable environments in which to transport and diagnose neonatal infant patients. AHT aim to remain a leader in this area, providing the tools doctors, paramedics and firefighters need to safely treat their patients.

For more information, or to ask us a question, please get in contact.

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