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  • 01  Bauteile, Module, OEM - Erstausrüster
  • 01.04  Ballons, Elastomerballons, Angioplastik

Ballons, Elastomerballons, Angioplastik

  • 01  Bauteile, Module, OEM - Erstausrüster
  • 01.20  Federn, Schraubenfedern

Federn, Schraubenfedern

  • 01  Bauteile, Module, OEM - Erstausrüster
  • 01.35  Lampen


  • 01  Bauteile, Module, OEM - Erstausrüster
  • 01.39  Silikon-Teile


  • 01  Bauteile, Module, OEM - Erstausrüster
  • 01.41  Spritzgussteile


  • 03  Schläuche und Schlauchanlagen
  • 03.06  Drahtumsponnene Schläuche

Drahtumsponnene Schläuche

  • 03  Schläuche und Schlauchanlagen
  • 03.12  Edelstahlschläuche


  • 03  Schläuche und Schlauchanlagen
  • 03.25  Mehrschichtschläuche


  • 03  Schläuche und Schlauchanlagen
  • 03.28  Multilumenschläuche


  • 07  Katheter
  • 07.02  Ballonkatheter


  • 11  Auftragsfertigung
  • 11.05  Beschichten


  • 11  Auftragsfertigung
  • 11.16  Formgebung
  • 11.16.11  Metall-Stanzerei


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JVS Sales & Technical Consultants GmbH

JVS GmbH has been supporting the European medical device industry since 1989 with components and devices as the local engineering, sales support and product development choice for manufacturers. The company supplies: parylene and other coatings, extrusions of all types, nitinol tubing, precision metal cutting, micro machining, stamping, deep drawn metal parts, injection moulded components, sterilisation cases and trays, orthopedic instruments, coils, spring and wire assemblies, balloons, silicone parts, LED modules for medical lamps.

Our partners are:

Braxton Manufacturing Company Inc. produces deep-drawn metal precision parts with wall thickness to 0.0023mm minimum; maximum length to 50mm; maximum lenght to diameter ratio greater than 50:1; tolerances to 0.005mm; and competitive repeatability. The company draws a wide variety of meatls, including precious metals.

Promed Moulded Products Inc. manufacturing facility and equipment are designed for a single purpose -  to mould medical and implantable silicone, combination components, and bio-meterial grade plastics with uncompromising quality and service.

Vention Medical, with more than 30 years of design , development and manufacturing experience, specializes in catheters, balloons, extrusions, polyimide and composite tubing, heat-shrink tubing, reinforced shafts, cleanroom injection moulding and finished device assembly and packaging.

Optoga AB - OptoDrive™ LED modules provide you with exquisite and flexible LED light sources that comply with the highest demands in medical applications. These are complete, dimmable LED modules with correct brightness and multiple scattering angles to provide the desired light in most types of premises. In fact, the OptoDrive™ LED solution is the first build-in driver package design to render a perfect white light.

RMS Company provides contract machining, moulding and assembly services to the medical device industrie. They use the latest machining and moulding technology to manufacture complex and high-toleranced implants and other medical device components. RMS serves the spine/orthopaedic, cardio/neuro stimulation, interventional/ peripherical vascular, drug delivery and endoscopy markets.

RMS Surgical provides customised instrumentation, sterilisation cases and trays. They offer complete designing and fast turnaround of prototype and production requirements. The instrumentation manufacturing is supported by dedicated prototype capability and design for manufacturability.

Meier manufactures high-precision metal stampings and subassemblies for the medical device industry. They specialize in developing lower-cost solutions to the complex and micro-sized design challenges our customers face. Their comprehensive design assistance, prototype services and manufacturing capabilities provide support to the customers throughout the product lifecycle from concept to high-volume production.

JunoPacific combines the full resources of facilities located in key medical device markets in Minneapolis/St. Paul and the Silicon Valley, focusing on medical molding and assembly. Services range from tooling, part design and prototyping to micro/close tolerance molding, single and true multi-shot injection molding, vertical molding, reel-to-reel, insert molding, complex tooling that includes Spin-stack® and rotary platen, multi-component/multi-material product assembly, secondary operations and validated sterile packaging.

Spectralytics provides contract laser micromachining and assembly of both implantable devices and components to medical device manufacturers. With state of the art laser technology including six wavelengths of lasers they offer precision solutions in metals and polymers used by medical device companies. Their cutting, drilling, ablation and welding capabilities are supplemented by their complementary technologies including heat treating, and electro polishing.

Motion Dynamics Corporation manufactures precision wire components, springs and wire assemblies. Specialities include capabilities with fine and ultra fine wire diameters as well as unique alloy types and shapes.

NTTF Coatings GmbH is an emerging service company in the areas of coating, equipment manufacturing and development. NTTF is committed to issues of innovation and technology with renowned customers, among others in the medical device industry. NTTF provides coatings like PVD, Parylene, TiX, DLC, PECVD.

TiXX Coatings Ltd. & Co. KG provides Parylene coating - Conformal coating that completely seals and protects your products from chemical attack,dust, humidity and UV-light.

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