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  • 01  Elektromedizin / Medizintechnik
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  • 01  Elektromedizin / Medizintechnik
  • 01.08  Chirurgie und Endoskopie
  • 01.08.06  Laserchirurgiegeräte
  •  Laserchirurgie, Zubehör für die

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Produktkategorie: Laser

RevoLix Thulium laser for soft tissue surgery

LISA laser products developed the RevoLix Thulium laser and applications in soft tissue surgery on the grounds of its understanding of laser tissue interaction and the LISA competence in laser technology.

The RevoLix Thulium laser is the only laser system ever developed specifically for soft tissue surgery. The RevoLix laser wavelength is 2 micron. This wavelength is absorbed in any tissue by the ubiquitous water molecule.

The RevoLix wavelength is similar to Holmium but the emission mode is continuous wave (cw) instead of pulsed - thus providing a continuous vaporization effect instead of tissue disruption as for the Holmium laser.

The strong absorption of the RevoLix wavelength in tissue, in any irrigation fluid and in water provides the  immediate tissue effect,  limited penetration, excellent hemostasis  and
protection against collateral damage.

RevoLix unifies the advantages of formerly existing surgical laser principles in a single unit. 

At 200 watt continuous wave the  RevoLix tissue  vaporization rate reaches 4 g/min -  a safe alternative to mechanical tissue morcellation following Thulium laser enucleation of prostate (ThuLEP, ThuVEP).

RevoLix is a multi-disciplinary surgical laser for the application in urology (surgical protocols for the treatment of BPH include vaporization (ThuVAP), vaporesection (ThuVARP), enucleation   (ThuLEP)  and   vapoenucleation  (ThuVEP)  of  prostate - histology   available), gynaecology, neurosurgery*, ENT and pneumology.

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Produktkategorie: Laser

RevoLix°DUO Combined Thulium/ Holmium laser - for BPH and Stones

RevoLix°DUO is the first universal laser in urology for lithotripsy, BPH, endoscopic, laparoscopic and open surgery. This versatility is achieved by combining a pulsed Holmium laser with a continuous wave Thulium laser in a single laser unit. 

RevoLix Thulium laser shows outstanding tissue ablation rate, hemostasis and economics for the application in urology. Surgical protocols for the treatment of BPH include vaporization (ThuVAP), vaporesection (ThuVARP), enucleation (ThuLEP) and vapoenucleation (ThuVEP) of prostate - histology available. Additional applications are in gynaecology, neurosurgery*, ENT and pneumology. 

Lithotripsy in the lower, medial and upper tract with rigid and flexible instruments is managed with the integrated Holmium laser. Stone dusting and fragmentation is highly efficient and irrespective of the chemical stone composition.

Both laser sources of the RevoLix DUO are available from the same fibre port. This feature
allows using the same laser fibre for soft tissue surgery and for lithotripsy.

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Produktkategorie: Laser

RevoLix°jr. Table top Thulium laser for soft tissue surgery

RevoLix°jr. is the only table top laser specifically developed for soft tissue surgery. The RevoLix°jr. laser wavelength is 2 micron. This wavelength is similar to Holmium but the emission is continuous instead of pulsed. RevoLix°jr. unifies the advantages of formerly existing surgical laser principles in a single unit.

RevoLix°jr. Thulium laser shows outstanding tissue ablation rate, hemostasis and economics for the application in endoscopic, laparoscopic, minimally invasive surgery in ENT, pneumology, neurosurgery*, gynaecology, gastroenterology, urology, visceral surgery and laparoscopy.

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Produktkategorie: Laser

Sphinx°jr. Holmium laser for lithotripsy

The Sphinx°jr. Holmium laser is the latest development for laser fragmentation and laser dusting of urinary stones.

Outstanding features of the Sphinx°jr. Holmium laser are efficient stone dusting, high stone fragmentation rate at 18 kW pulse peak power, noiseless operation (Whisper technologytm), intuitive touch screen, real time pulse display, optional single or double pedal footswitch. 

Besides rigid and flexible laser lithotripsy the Sphinx°jr. is excellent for PCNL, strictures, incisions, bladder tumours, condylomas and tissue ablation.

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Produktkategorie: Laser

Sphinx Holmium laser for BPH and stones

Sphinx Holmium laser is a universal laser in urology comprising different models of up to 100 Watt power for laser lithotripsy and BPH (HoLEP).

Outstanding feature is the adjustable laser pulse duration particularly advantageous for a multi-disciplinary use of the laser system.

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Produktkategorie: Laserchirurgie, Zubehör für die

Laser fibres - Disposable and reusable surgical laser fibres

Durability and sureness of laser fibres gains increasing attention with respect to patient safety and endoscope integrity.

With the required competence in optical engineering and laser technology on board LISA laser products is in the position to develop laser fibre delivery systems matching with the LISA high performance continuous wave and pulsed emission mode surgical lasers.

LISA’s wide range of fibre sizes covers the full range for rigid and flexible laser applications.

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Produktkategorie: Laserchirurgie, Zubehör für die

Laser accessories and laser safety equipment

Disposable laser fibre insertion sheath for protection of flexible URS avoids damage caused by insertion of laser fibres.

Laser safety
Colour neutral protective laser eyewear and warning signs to ensure the best level of protection and to comply with international laser safety requirements.

Complementary disposables for endourology
Stone baskets are available from MiKomed, Partner of LISA laser products OHG

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Produktkategorie: Laserchirurgie, Zubehör für die

ScopeLine - Laser compatible endourological endoscopes

RexScope continuous flow rotating laser resectoscope designed for the use with bare ended laser fibres. Fibre guidance is optimized from inlet to outlet for the protection and pointing stability of the laser fibre. Safe and comfortable handling, easy assembly and cleaning, best vision and long lifetime of the RexScope is impeccable. 

Telex rod lens telescopes provide excellent visualization, long life time and compatibility for rigid endoscopes. 

URxScope line of rigid uretero-renoscopes provide smooth insertion, ideal vision and long lifetime. The distal tip features a new atraumatic design. Sealing lock at the instrument inlet avoids distracting leakage. Handling and cleaning is quick and easy due to the unique ergonomic click-lock bridge connection. 

NexScope nephroscope and mini nephroscopes are available in different sizes. Handling and cleaning  is  quick and  easy due to the ergonomic  unique click-lock bridge connection.

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Über uns


LISA laser products OHG
Competence in surgical laser since 1989

LISA laser products has been founded 1989 in Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany. Since then the company has developed into one of the leading suppliers of surgical laser systems worldwide.

The core competence of LISA laser products is in the development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of lasers at 2 µm wavelength like Holmium and Thulium lasers. Complementary products including laser fibres, endoscopes and accessories complete the product range.

LISA laser products owns the longest experience in Holmium lasers in the industry dating back to the scientific work of its founders who did grow and lase the Holmium YAG crystal first worldwide. Also LISA laser products developed and introduced the Thulium YAG laser for soft tissue surgery.

The stimulus for continuous product research and development at LISA laser products is the optimization of minimally invasive and endoscopic surgical laser procedures - to the benefit of patients and customers.

Product and application development is conducted in close cooperation with leading international researchers, research centers and professional associations.

Products are sold and serviced worldwide through a network of more than 70 dedicated sales organizations. Worldwide service, technical and clinical training is provided to medical specialists and partners. Mutual reliance, long lasting and trustful cooperation with distributors and customers is the core of the LISA company policy.

The company is in private ownership and operates independently.

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