HM MEDICAL ENGINEERING presents completely new 4 and 6 pin, implantable electrodes with connectors.


HM Medical Engineering, Manfred Höcherl

HM MEDICAL ENGINEERING presents completely new 4 and 6 pin, implantable electrodes with connectors.

The electrodes in their 6 pin version are not significantly bigger than the bipolar pacemaker electrodes with IS-1 connector used presently on the market. This was achieved by a new circular arrangement of coils in a multi-lumen tube (implantable grade) and the connector pins. The electrodes are each manufactured with 4/6 4-strand highly flexible coils of MP-35N (cobalt-base alloy). This type of 4-stand coils has been used successfully for pace maker electrode leads for decades, however with considerable larger dimensions. The 4-strand coils used here had to be realised with an outer diameter of 0.5 mm. Also the connector system posed the greatest challenge to the materials used and completely new connection methods due to their minute dimensions. For the platinum-iridium feedthroughs arranged circularly and enclosed in the ceramics of the titanium implant cover by means of gold solder, the distances to one another had to be 0.5 mm. On the electrode connector, there is an axially arranged locking projection facilitating a rotation-safe positioning within the silicone head of the top of the implant.
The electrode connector features 3 subsequently arranged circular sealing lips as well as a silicon plate betewwn the pins, hermetically sealing the entire connector system. There are various applications of the electrodes, and they have been tried and tested as implants as part of a complex transplant rejection diagnose system for the early recognition of rejection reactions after heart transplantation. The connector system has proven itself and now the electrodes may be used for further applications.

Possible applications

Pacemaker electrodes equipped with sensors and actors

Electrodes for defibrillators/electrodes for stimulation and for recording of potentials

Lead with connector system for heart pumps

Lead with connector system for var. implants

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