How to save a soldiers life - TCCC training at MEDICA


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How to save a soldiers life - TCCC training at MEDICA

Enhance Tactical Combat Casualty Care training with medical simulation

Wound management, fast evacuation, and infection control have always been a critical point in warfare. In 1919, Col. H.M. Gray stated in “The Early Treatment of War Wounds”:

“The hemorrhage that take[s] place when a main artery is divided is usually so rapid and so copious that the wounded man dies before help can reach him.”

Since then, the training for first responder skills in military settings has vastly improved. As in all fields of medical training, the use of simulation can enhance the training by offering realistic scenarios and hands-on learning. Simulating high-stress battlefield scenarios with combat trauma manikins and trainers can give all combatants the skills necessary to decrease the amount of preventable deaths.

Preventable deaths: using simulation to train combatants in TCCC

With the right training, medical and non-medical combatants can learn how to effectively care for the wounded and control hemorrhage until they can evacuate the casualty from the battlefield to reach medical personnel for further treatment.

3B Scientific offers an extensive suite of TTCCC training manikins and Tactical Hemorrhage Control simulators. Military, government forces, medical rescue, and private security use the manikinsto improve TCCC training in life-saving techniques and strategies for trauma care on the battlefield. TCCC simulation is based on common wound patterns in combat and can enhance preparedness and reaction times of all combatants to significantly reduce the number of preventable death.

Stop by our booth F58 / hall 4 to demo the TCCC training manikin right here at MEDICA 2019.

“The fate of the wounded lies in the hands of the ones who apply the first dressing.”
Dr. Nicholas Senn, founder of the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States.