HM Medical Engineering, Manfred Höcherl

HM MEDICAL ENGINEERING presents new 12 strand coils.

On a machine developed particularly for this purpose in the coils are wound in different diameters and pitches in a maximum length of 1 metre. Different materials such as Elgiloy, MP-35 N coated or uncoated may be processes. A coil with an individual wire diameter of 0.18 mm and a coil outer diameter of 2.4 mm has been realised already. The particular challenge was that an electrical resistance of 20 Ohm/metre had to be achieved.
The wire cross section consist of a silver core coated with a cobalt base alloy (MP-35N).
The wire is insulated with polyimide.

Possible applications

Pacemaker electrodes equipped with sensors and actors

Electrodes for defibrillators/electrodes for stimulation and for recording of potentials

Electrodes for nerv/electrodes for stimulation and for recording of potentials

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