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Innoset SAS Laboratoires Innoset
4 Rue Hermes
31520 Ramonville, France

Phone: +33 5 62884157
Fax: +33 5 62884160

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INNOCARE Room Care Sets


The INNOCARE range, has been developped with the medical and nursing professionals in Hopitals and Clinics for every kind of room care : Wound care, Dental care, Mouth care, Suturing, Suture or sapple removal, Urinal drainage, Post op care...
New references for new applications are frequently created. Contact us for any specific requirements.
Each set composition is defined with the users according to the protocole.
The devices are packaged in a rigid blister, used as a tray with or without compartments to separate the instruments and collect the liquids (antiseptic, physiolical serum...), or in a flexible blister easy to compack.
All these medical devices are obviously "single use" for an optimum security.