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First digital differential pressure sensor – long-term stable and economical

First digital differential pressure sensor – long-term stable and economical

Sensirion AG

With its SDP600 series, Sensirion is bringing the world’s first digital dynamic differential pressure sensors on the market. The SDP600 and SDP610 supply a digital I2C output signal with a measuring range of -500 to +500 Pa. Thanks to the dynamic measurement principle, the sensor achieves outstanding accuracy and sensitivity, even at low differential pressures (less than 10 Pa).

The SDP600 series sensors are not affected by offset and drift errors and feature an outstanding dynamic pressure range. Intelligent packaging with a correspondingly compact package size allows lower manufacturing costs and thus a competitive price. In addition, the high level of integration may reduce the total electronic component count in the applications these fully calibrated sensors are used with.

The new differential pressure sensors are available in two versions. The SDP600 is intended for a direct threaded connection to a pressure manifold via O-ring sealing, while the SDP610 is designed for a hose connection.

Information on the free sampling campaign for interested companies can be found at
Differential Pressure Sensors SDP600/610


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